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Pioneers and benchmarks in the Dominican Republic with the Cayo Levantado Resort project

Cayo Levantado Resort

Another of the company's major milestones will be the Cayo Levantado Resort project, located in the bay of Samaná in the Dominican Republic, which after a complete renovation will be launched in the last quarter of the year, and will invite you to discover the other rhythm of the Dominican Republic, the "Ritmo Escondido" (A Rhythm all its own).

The concept of " A Rhythm all its own " becomes real in the experience and has inspired the resort's renovation, which will be based on three pillars of sustainabilityEnvironment, being a benchmark as a self-sufficient resort, focusing on renewable energy and a waste management strategy, in addition to opting for native gardening and landscaping; Local Culture, one of the great strengths of the project is the incorporation of talent from the Dominican Republic like designers, interior designers and architects, thus contributing to the economic development of the area, and above all, integrating culture in all areas, including gastronomy and mixology; and Wellness, relaunching this concept from a more integrative perspective, by offering a 360º vision in the customer experience that encompasses all areas of the resort such as health, food, wellness sports, relaxation, retreats, spa, etc.  

In this sense, beyond the comprehensive refurbishment of the establishment, the project will give the future resort an exclusive and differential positioning, giving rise to a novel concept with its own personality. 

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