Our commitment to the environment
9 holes

1. Use of Vegetable Residues on Golf Course Surfaces:

Plant residues are used to improve the fairway and rough areas on the golf course.

2. Optimization of the use of irrigation water

Irrigation is managed according to the needs of the plants, applying up to three weekly irrigations.

3. Development of the liquid organic fertilizer generation system through the cultivation of tilapia fish with vegetable residues in the irrigation lake.

Tests to improve irrigation water conditions, with a focus on enhancing biological activity and fertilizing capacity. A population of tilapias fed with plant residues. The tilapia’s feces enrich the water with organic nutrients for the field meadows.

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4. Night Light Traps for Insect Control:

Nocturnal light traps are installed for ecological control of insects.

5. Control of Pests and Disease with Plant Extracts:

A pest management method based on oleo-aqueous extracts of medicinal plants is applied. These extracts are incorporated into irrigation water and applied directly to specific areas to prevent and control pathogens.

6. Expansion of Palm Plantations and Native Vegetation:

Seeds of endemic palm trees are collected, and the natural germination of native species is promoted. A massive reforestation of palm trees is planned to increase the diversity aesthetics of the golf course.

9 holes

7. Increase of Fauna in Lakes and Nesting Areas:

An increase in the biodiversity of the lakes is observed, with the presence of birds as a result of the increase of fish and algae. Nesting areas for birds are encouraged, and an increase of bird population is noted in the surroundings of hole 5 due to the feeding of fish.

8. Collaboration with Santo Domingo Botanical Garden:

Collaboration with the Santo Domingo Botanical Garden to complete a catalog of 50 species and enrich the biodiversity of the project.

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