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PGA Ocean´s 4 celebrates Women´s golf during the “Member & Guest” Tournament


The Member & Guest Tournament, one of the most representative events organized by LPGA Amateurs Golf Association DR, was held at our PGA Ocean's 4 golf course.

The event began with an opening ceremony, led by the president of LPGA Amateurs DR, Francia (Chachy) Álvarez de Batista, along with officials Lissette de los Santos, Jinnette Inoa and María Belissa Ramírez. They were accompanied by Carlos de Linares, PGA Ocean's 4 general manager, who was the tournament's technical director, and Albert Adams, executive of Equifax - Data Crédito, the tournament's main sponsor, who performed the ceremonial tee-off.

The Member & Guest Tournament is an opportunity to integrate and share among the members of the Chapter, while inviting other lady golfers to meet the LPGA Amateur community and enjoy a wonderful day of golf together. This was a very successful experience, which brought together 80 players who formed 40 pairs to play in Scramble mode, in three different categories, with the top winners being Cecilia Rosado and Annie Purcell, who won 1st place gross in the 1st Flight.

Special awards went to Martina Villegas, who won the Most Accurate Drive and Cristina Ricart with the Longest Drive. The Flag Approach awards went to Annie Purcell, on hole 13, and Nashira Bompart, on hole 3.


1st FLIGHT 1st Place gross, Cecilia Rosado and Annie Purcell 2nd Place gross, Massiel Gómez and Stefania Mosyagina 1st Place net, Marina Locatelli and Francia Álvarez 2nd Place net, Miriam Herrera and Soveira Davidow

2nd FLIGHT 1st Place gross, Sue White and Marta Gutiérrez 2nd Place gross, Suzanne Dumphy and Claudia Gallardo 1st Place net, Ileana Suquet and Ann Mckenzie 2nd Place net, Dulce Muñoz and Francia Acosta

3rd FLIGHT 1st Place gross, Massiel Ortiz and Viviana Ricardo 2nd Place gross, Josefina Pichardo and Martina Villegas 1st Place net, María Ramírez and Monika Kelner 2nd Place net, D’Jhanny de la Cruz and Jesucita Alcántara.