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Grupo Piñero announces its environmental commitment to plant 14,000 trees in a year

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  • This initiative is the cornerstone of the “One Person, One Tree” campaign that the company has just launched as part of its environmental policy. 

  • With this action, in addition to the ecological restoration of degraded areas in the destinations where the Group is present, the carbon sink potential is increased by more than 2,700 tons of CO2 per year.  

  • In parallel, and on the occasion of World Environment Day, Grupo Piñero is organizing various activities to raise awareness, both among its professionals and its clients, of the importance of environmental care and protection. 

Palma, June 2, 2022.- Grupo Grupo Piñero, a Spanish multinational company, joins the celebration of International Environment Day, June 5, by activating the “One Person, One Tree” campaign as part of its We Are Ecocentric movement, which promotes a joint action for the whole of society aimed at getting every person to plant a tree. In this regard, the Group is committed to planting 14,000 trees over the next year in the destinations where it is present.  

This figure, far from being defined anecdotally, was established to represent the number of professionals who currently make up the company's workforce. With this campaign, the Group intends to make visible the importance of working together in favor of the planet, as well as to highlight the important environmental benefits that can be achieved if each citizen commits to planting a tree. 

To carry out this action, the company will identify areas in each of the destinations in which it operates that have suffered environmental damage in order to contribute to their recovery through reforestation with native species. In addition, this will also increase the surface area of forested areas and, therefore, the carbon dioxide absorption potential by more than 2,700 tons of CO2 per year. 

In the words of Isabel Piñero, Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) of Grupo Piñero, “We are aware that great achievements are made with small individual actions. Therefore, one of the key actions of our sustainability plan is undoubtedly to work on raising awareness of environmental issues among our stakeholders.” Isabel Piñero adds, “One Person, One Tree” is, precisely, a clear example of this. Of our firm and sincere commitment to promote joint action with a positive and real impact for the planet.” 

This initiative is part of Grupo Piñero's 2022-2030 Sustainability Strategic Plan. Specifically, it was defined on the basis of the scope of action that the company has called Planet, which encompasses all those actions focused on the care and protection of the environment.   

With this plan, the company seeks to give continuity to and strengthen the initiatives it develops in line with its commitment to the Planet. In this regard, throughout 2022, Grupo Piñero is promoting different environmental projects with a total investment of more than 5 million euros.  

Promoting environmental care and protection among society  

To commemorate World Environment Day, and in line with its commitment to awareness and sensitization, Grupo Piñero is going to develop different initiatives within the framework of this day aimed at its professionals, collaborators and clients, with the objective of making visible the importance of working together in terms of environmental protection. 

Specifically, at its headquarters, located in Palma de Mallorca, the company will organize an awareness-raising workshop for its employees, given by Jose Luis Gallego, a Spanish naturalist, environmental journalist and writer. The objective of this event is to inform the Group's professionals about the global environmental problems that we as a species will face in the coming years and the potential risks that exist, in this case, for the development of the tourism sector. 

In the Canary Islands, the company will also be carrying out a symbolic planting of dragon trees, a legendary tree that symbolizes the vegetation of the archipelago, in a joint action between employees and clients. Similarly, in the rest of the hotels and resorts that the company manages under the Bahia Principe brand, plantings of species native to each of the destinations will be carried out with their clients and employees. 

Likewise, through the “We Are Ecocentric” movement, an initiative promoted by the company to invite society as a whole to work together in favor of the planet, we will continue to promote the planting of trees to involve society as a whole in the “One Person, One Tree” action.