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PGA Ocean's 4 advances in its digitalization process by incorporating Trackman technology at the Academy
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Día Mundial de la Salud
Bahia Principe Celebrates World Health Day with Activities to Promote the Well-Being of Employees and Guests

Grupo Piñero will celebrate World Health Day, endorsed by the World Health Organization since 1950, through sporting events at select properties promoting the well-being of employees and guests alike this weekend.

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Grupo Piñero Grupo Piñero in touch with the planet
Grupo Piñero in touch with the planet

Palma de Mallorca 27-03-2019. 30 March is the date for "Earth Hour", a movement promoted by the WWF and which aims to raise public awareness about the issues of climate change and human responsibility for reducing emissions of Greenhouse Gases (GHGs).

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Pink Golf Tour 2019
La Romana Golf Club hosts the first stop on the “Pink Golf Tour RD”

The first stop on the PINK GOLF TOUR DR 2019 was held on March 9th, with a resounding success on its third edition. All the activities served to consolidate women's golf in the Dominican Republic, achieving a strong position in this sport.

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colegio bambino
La Romana Golf Club stood out in the sixth edition of the family day held at the Bambino preschool in Santo Domingo

On March 2, La Romana Golf Club participated in the traditional family gathering held by the Bambino preschool in order to strengthen the bonds between parents, teachers and students.

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Tournament ACOPROVI
ACOPROVI holds tournament at the legendary golf course in Playa Nueva Romana

La Romana Golf Club, the prestigious golf course located at Playa Nueva Romana, was chosen to host the fourth golf tournament of the Dominican Association of Housing Builders and Developers (Acoprovi), which brought together real estate developers as well as business executives.

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